GrateGuard fence protecting water plant

GrateGuard™ Applications

GrateGuard’s versatility lends itself to applications across multiple market segments.

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Typical Applications
Government Applications


GrateGuard™ offers a unique combination of security, visual deterrence and pleasing aesthetics. Substantial high strength steel bars and rods which are fully fusion welded enhance its inherent anti-climb properties...

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Utilities Applications


Protecting the critical infrastructure of our nation’s power grid and water supplies is at the forefront of security due to recent events domestically as well as globally.

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Petrochemical Applications


In Oil and LNG, the risk of potential toxins, caustics, and explosive chemicals/gases are all associated with an escalating need for enhanced security. These facilities need the most stringent protection available...

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Transportation Applications


GrateGuard™ is the ideal solution for all areas of transportation facilities that need to direct or control pedestrian movements and limit access to secure areas for non-essential personnel.

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Communications Applications


The safeguarding of virtual records, transactions and information are critical components of today’s society. Facilities that host these services require controlled entry points...

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